Universal Destiny is a group collaboration founded by JB Vandalist and C-Silence.  They strive to honor the sound of old school hip hop mixed with their unique attributes as individual artists. 

JB Vandalist's beats have a flavor all their own.   He also incorporates his passion for playing guitar by including his one of a kind riffs into his beat making process. Live guitar at shows gives an extra flare that enriches the sound of the music and gives more energy to the crowd.

C-Silence showcases his musical talents, by stretching his abilities to being more universal for the listener. He creates lyrical compositions to appeal to a wide range of listeners, while staying true to his hip hop roots.

Universal Destiny is preparing to start working on their next album to follow up their self titled album, Universal Destiny.

 You could attribute their musical talents to their DNA, since they are cousins. Making music is apparently part of their destiny.

C-SILENCE    JB VANDALIST                                      

Universal Destiny performing. Photo by, J.Unger
Universal Destiny