C-Silence is an independent artist who resides in Duluth Minnesota.  It is his hometown and has had a great deal of influence on his evolution as an artist.  C-Silence grew up with a love for hip hop music and poetry.  His natural gift for using words to create a wide range of emotions, ideas, and connections with his audience gives him a unique appeal to the most unlikely listeners.  His lyrical ability is often showcased at live shows, where he often allows time for “freestyling” full songs.  He also plays with various bands where he is showcased in this fashion as well.  The skill involved with making up a song on the fly that is consistent and fun for the listener is not an easy one, although he makes it look easy. 

He is in two music groups, Low-Hi Funk and Universal Destiny.  He is also working on building a new group Freelancer, that is still in the middle of creation.  

C-Silence is not only an artist, but also served 7 years in the U.S. Army, is a father to 5 children, and is a student studying media production and business.  He has a great interest and love for his community and is always looking for new ways to bring people together and music happens to be his favorite way to do that.

 If you want to share your appreciation for, work with, or to learn more BIO information about C-Silence, please contact him by filling out the form to the right!


C-Silence under bridge.  Photo by, NeinaBee
Capturing C-Silence